Group Classes

Due to seasonal travel please make note of schedule changes- Out of Studio: No classes, December 20 – January 1, 2018. Regular Class schedule will resume January 1-18, 2018. Out of Country: No Classes, January 23, 2018 – March 12, 2018. Classes resume March 13, 2018. Register for Class Today! Click Here  



Alignment Therapy classes at the Savannah Yoga Barre on Tuesdays 11:00am – 12:15pm

These classes are designed and sequenced to teach you how to align and integrate the relationships of the body through various techniques so the body will move and function as a whole. Adjustments and alignment  skills will enhance biomechanics, structural integration in the joints to improve range of motion, space and circulation. Breath exercises are taught to increase vital energy and optimize the efficiency of your actions.This class is for anyone who would like to learn how to reduce stress, address special health concerns, injuries or limitations by implementing therapeutic techniques, modifications, and modalities to avoid injury or re-injury.


All Levels Yoga Flow at the Savannah Yoga Barre on Tuesdays 5:45 – 6:45pm

This vinyasa class flows and pulsates with fluidity of movement and breath. You will progress through a series of postures that strengthen, balance, and energize your entire body. The practice emphasizes slow sustained aligned movements that targets the myofascial meridians to change fascial patterns in the body. How does this work? When muscle tissue contracts or relaxes, it creates or releases tension in the sheets of connective tissue to which it is attached. Thus muscle tissue can shape or adjust the connective tissue web potentially affecting the body as a whole. Open to all Levels


Private Sessions

Private Sessions offer an opportunity to address individual needs and allows you to progress at your pace. Lynn will work with you to achieve and/or reestablish your goals by designing a program that incorporates postures (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama), and meditation. Sessions will include alignment, modifications, breathwork and simple meditation. It takes time to change old habits and patterns into new ones to see the effects of your practice. Lynn recommends a commitment of 10 sessions for new students and a home practice at least 3-4 times per week.

Benefits of private yoga sessions

• Reduce stress and/or intimidation for beginners who want to start a yoga practice • Address special health concerns, injuries, or limitations by implementing therapeutic techniques, modifications, and practices to avoid injury or re-injury • Provide guidance designed to help meet goals, whether mental, emotional, spiritual and/or physical • Deepen your yoga practice and move to the next level with challenging postures and practices in a safe and inspiring environment Initial Appointment will include a one hour consultation to gain knowledge on how I can serve you and your needs as efficiently as possible.

Assessing your Needs

Schedule a consultation today to do a whole body assessment integrated with a detailed history of your past and present medical history. The assessment gives me information about your posture, range of motion, strength, mobility, flexibility, any past and present injuries and contraindications effecting your overall well being to function and perform under optimal conditions.

Progressing your Practice

Begin with addressing your needs with instruction and refinements. This will progress your skills and sustain healthy habits and patterns in the body. Achieve mental and physical well being by serving the body’s optimal design and establish greater integrity and awareness. Form and Function are essential in integrating patterns of balance, harmony, health and peace in your body. My purpose is to help you progress in the following areas of health. • Adjust and align the body to enhance biomechanics for developing coordination, endurance and poise • Create structural integration in the joints to improve range of motion, space and circulation • Identify breathing patterns and teach breath exercises to increase vital energy • Develop compassionate self-awareness to open your body, mind and spirit to identify and reduce stress within the body

Advanced Progression

This is your will thy will be done. They say that when you have practiced anything for 10,000 hours you are considered a master. The spectrum is vast. Optimally it comes down to what creates the balance in your life? A daily practice is key to progress and empowers you to self-inquiry and leads to self realization. A journey well worth investing in.


The pricing for consultation is $65.00 for 90 minutes to include a 30 minute verbal consultation. A 60 minutes physical assessment and instructions with guidance on aligning postures and functional movements.
$65.00 for 60-minute single session | $300.00 for 5 sessions | $585.00 for 10 sessions
Online appointments are available. Contact me to make an appointment.




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