Pelvic Floor and Core Restore Join Lynn Geddes Wolling for an educational training on Pelvic Floor and Core Restore. Foundation is the key to execute proper form and function. The pelvic floor is the foundation of your core and functions in unison with the Diaphragm, Transverse Abdominis, and Multifidus muscles. A dysfunctional pelvic floor can limit your quality of life. Women and men lack a balance of strength and flexibility that supports optimal function based on genetic factors, birth, lifestyle, and age.  Pain in the body that is not related to a physical injury may be related to emotional stress and or postural deviations including biomechanics, muscle tone, connective tissue and circulation. Level I will begin with anatomy, lecture and discussion. You will learn the following;
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Engaging Transverse Abdominis
  • Stabilization of your Spine and Pelvis while moving your limbs
  • Finding and connecting to the 3 layers of the pelvic floor.
This workshop is for anyone (Male or Female) who is interested in learning about and deepening their understanding of pelvic floor and core function and dysfunction.  Education and exploration of these vital components will provide self care practices to increase your quality of life to function more optimally. Level II is open to students who have accomplished Level I criteria. This session will incorporate the knowledge of Level l with a series of specific postures to deepen your functional movement with the pelvic floor and core. Self-care is essential to strengthen, stabilize and stretch the muscles and fascia (connective tissue) to create optimal biomechanical and bioenergetic function. A DVD will be available for purchase to enhance your practice. No yoga experience is required.

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