Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is about the whole person and since yoga is a holistic discipline it teaches that the mind, body, and spirit are connected. Pain in the body that is not related to a physical injury may be related to emotional stress and or postural deviations including biomechanics, muscle tone, connective tissue and circulation. Yoga Therapy can have a far broader effect besides helping with physical pain, discomfort, traumatic injury or asymmetries in the body. Individuals may have weaknesses in the nervous system resulting in stress, depression, anxiety, grief, circulatory, lymphatic, auto-immune, and digestive disorders. Illnesses and pain do not arise by chance. It is the result of an imbalance, a disruption in the body-mind complex that creates these conditions under three basic categories.
  1. Self destructive ailments due to disregarding and ignoring your ailments, lack of knowledge, care , and responsibility
  2. Congenital ailments existing since birth
  3. We are nature and we mirror the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether. When an imbalance occurs in the body we suffer from dis-ease in the body, mind and soul.
Five Elements of Nature from Ayurveda Medicine a traditional indian healing system. Click on one of my favorite go to resources that provides ancient information. Yoga The Path to Holistic Health by BKS Iyengar says yoga can treat all 3 conditions but the pace and effectiveness of the cure depends on the type of ailment, its progression, the patience constitution and his or her commitment to the treatment. Please read Private Sessions to learn yoga and receive yoga instructions from beginners to advanced students. Lynn begins with a 3 step program by assessing your needs, progressing your practice, and mentoring your advanced progression stage. . Yoga is not guaranteed to completely cure every ailment and dis-ease in the body but it will alleviate and manage the pain and suffering to a tolerable and comforting state of balance. Lynn will select asana sequences to address specific parts of the body that need strength and more contracting stabilizing energy and open others that are stuck and locked and need more lengthening, flexible and expanding energy. It is about creating homeostasis through all the systems that function in the body-mind complex . Yoga is tailored for anyone, anywhere and anytime. Its purpose is to establish balance and harmony in the physical (body), mental (mind), emotional (soul), energetic (nervous systems) and spiritual needs of human development. It can be used by persons of all ages and abilities to improve their overall wellbeing. Quote by Prashant A. Iyengar ~ Yoga, once the domain of a select few, is now universally practiced. Its popularity can be attributed to its therapeutic effects on both the mind and the body, enabling practitioners to enjoy a profound sense of well-being.



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