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Do your Core Beliefs include Gratitude?

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

I’m sure the first thing that crosses your mind when you see the words ‘core beliefs’ and ‘gratitude’ is that it’s way easier said than done! But if you look closely, you’d realize that if you aren’t practicing the attitude of gratitude, you constantly try to control every aspect of your life. When you’re always in control mode, your mind keeps flitting between random thoughts and you’re left wavering between the past and the future.

And the result? You’re left with little or no concentration, poor memory, and a complete lack of present awareness.

Yoga Guru Lynn Geddes Wolling Showing Gratitude
Yoga Guru Lynn Geddes Wolling Showing Gratitude

That brings us to - what is control, and how do you work your way beyond it to live a grateful, fulfilled life? Control is nothing but the state of being attached to a specific outcome, and this outcome is usually best suited for you than the greater good of all. Control mode is typically rooted in fear, and the best way to balance control and gratitude is to take the journey inward and develop a gratitude attitude.

Our thoughts are the source of all we do and all we see before us. We can choose to think anything and those thoughts stimulate sensations. A prolonged sensation manifests our thoughts into beliefs. What we choose as a belief system really inhibits our growth and evolution.

If everything is a possibility and there are infinite possibilities then every possibility always exists in the great un-manifested, and no thought, belief, or action can change that. What you listen to is your choice, as it is with your thoughts.

Core beliefs are rooted in our subconscious mind, and are formed from the day we are born. These core beliefs arise out of our dependency on others for survival. Whatever your core beliefs may be, they cause you to think and behave in specific ways. They are rooted in your subconscious mind in ways that either support or suppress your personal power.

Your core beliefs define your comfort zone. They are the foundation upon which all of your expectations are formed. Core beliefs are like energy magnets that pull you toward—via the Law of Attraction—what you think is true about yourself and the world around you. Life doesn't feel right when your core beliefs do not agree with who you really are.

When there’s a mismatch between your core beliefs and who you really are, you are constantly swamped with the feeling of being disconnected. And this is the cause of all negative emotions as well as the need to control various aspects of your life. The quality of your life is the direct result of the quality of your beliefs.

We can easily change our conscious beliefs when we come across new information - and that is the gift of free will. It is a powerful act of courage that helps you surrender your attachment to the very thoughts and beliefs holding you back from living a grateful, fulfilled, and blessed life.

And if you feel this constant urge to control your life, and are left with nothing but disappointments, well, you’re not alone. A lot of people feel this disconnect, which hinders them from living an amazing life. But here’s the best part - you have the power to change it all!! And what better day to start off with taking charge of your life than the day of gratitude - Thanksgiving 2022!

So now go look in the mirror and say, “I have the courage and the free will to activate my personal power as a conscious creator and think of something that evokes a more positive emotion.”

Let’s take Action

  • If you want to know what your core beliefs are, all you have to do is pay attention to how you express your personal, individual I AMs. Your I AMs point directly to your core beliefs.

  • Ask yourself… Do my I AM’s align or resist my true nature?

  • Choose an I AM thought that makes you feel better and don’t try to analyze the resistance. I am consciously manifesting my beautiful life.

  • Consciously choose to think of something that evokes a more positive emotion and do it with an attitude of gratitude. It is the ultimate arcanum to activate your personal power as a conscious creator. My thoughts are a reflection of my reality.

  • Ask yourself…Does the manner in which I live reflect my values and attitudes?

This Thanksgiving, let’s build a gratitude attitude. I invite you to surrender/let go of control and choose to live a life of gratitude.

With love & gratitude,

Lynn Geddes Wolling