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Yoga: The Journey of Body, Mind, and Soul

Yoga isn’t just about stretching down and touching your feet, but also learning how to listen to your own body. If you can utilize the teachings of yoga, you can add a burst of energy and strength to your body and beautify your mind and soul. It’s a journey that helps you interact with your present moment, a moment where life truly exists. It won’t be wrong to say that yoga is a journey for liberation and living a life of fullness. So, close your eyes and open your mind because I’m here to take you on a journey of life through yoga!

There’s no doubt that yoga is therapeutic in nature, and it can restore the health of your mind-body complex, thereby enhancing your functionality. It can help you gain a new perspective in life and truly enjoy your everyday moments. That said, all of these promising feats can’t be achieved overnight. The key to truly transforming yourself through yoga is daily effort and practice. Only dedicated effort on your part can undo the stresses in your body caused by the daily hustle and bustle of your everyday life and point out what’s truly troubling your body.

Due to our busy lives, we often ignore what our body is trying to tell us. A friend I have known since elementary school has been having back problems for about a year. I offered to relieve his back pain with yoga therapy and suggested a chiropractor and a myofascial release massage therapist. However, he didn’t consider these options and went straight to the knife. Unfortunately, now he is in a much worse and more painful condition than before.

While I don’t hold any grudges against allopathy medicine, I believe that yoga teaches us that the answers to our problems are within us. But the human mind is impatient, and we try our hardest to find the quickest and easiest solutions to our problems – even if it means going to some extreme measures. This is where yoga steps in. It teaches us patience and helps us find the source of our bodily misalignment and treat it accordingly.

If my friend had considered integrated therapy options rather than surgery, he would have been much healthier today. The trinity of health that keeps you strong, mobile, and functioning optimally is discussed ahead.

The role of a chiropractor is to align your bones and to prevent the vertebrae from compressing and fusing together. This alignment and care of the spine helps stimulate good blood flow and oxygen to the tissues, brings space in between the vertebrae, length in the spine and kick starts the healing process.

Next comes a yoga therapist who helps maintain the new alignment of the bones. Your muscles will follow the core lines of the bones and therefore need to be strengthened, stretched, and moved through the full range of motion for joint stability.

Lastly, the massage therapist will dissolve and resolve tension and tightness in the body by releasing trigger points or knots in your fascial tissue. Therefore, it’s safe to say that holistic medicine explores the tectonic point of illness and addresses it accordingly.

A common question most beginners have about yoga is - how do you shift consciousness? The answer is - you let it travel through the various domains of your body. This path will teach you how to control your thoughts and increase your chances of enlightenment.

Most of us stay trapped in our lower consciousness, the densest (no pun intended) physical realm of being. We are constantly battling with our thoughts and being torn by our feelings on what to do or not to do.

If you could navigate through your mind without diving deep into your lower consciousness, you could bid goodbye to all of life’s confusion, and chaos. Although the challenges in your life might still remain, through the path of yoga, you’d be able to see through better options.

Are you curious enough to learn about soul progression yoga and integrate the knowledge to build a better and healthier state of mind, body and soul? If yes, you are in for an out-of-this-world experience of expansion with me as your Teacher. You will learn the importance of intention (attitude), what you choose to align with, and how to take action to accomplish your new found health. Your friends and family will truly be going gaga about your holistic transformation.

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