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Yoga Me Fit

Yoga Me Fit is dedicated to integrating radiant health in mind, body and spirit. Founded from

experiences and the school of hard knocks, healing begins from within. Integrating radiant health can transform your life with the right knowledge and modalities. As one of my professors quoted so often, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”


There is an art, science and philosophy to improving and enhancing your health and wellness. Health is a state of being. Wellness is living a healthy lifestyle and radiant health embodies sound mind, conscious eating, movement and energetic flow that elevates your wellbeing. 


The physical gift of embodiment is where we start to understand how to move beyond the densest aspect of ourselves, (no pun intended) into higher states of consciousness or we become inert. Once you develop body awareness, the next stages integrate vital postural alignment, energy flow, intellectual mind,  wisdom and bliss. Developing these components are essential to health and wellness to be fit in all aspects of your mind, body and spirit. 

Yoga Me Fit Teacher Lynn Geddes Wolling adjusting a Yoga students back
Lynn Geddes Wolling

Lynn Geddes Wolling

30 + years of professional health and wellness experience

Hi, I am Lynn and I am here to serve your health and wellness needs through structured teachings in incremental steps to progress your health and wellness over time. The course components with a learning progression are rich and will develop greater body awareness and improve foundation, form and function. 


My approach is based on each person’s needs and what they are looking to achieve, re-establish, create and discover. I will empower and guide you step by step to enable you to maintain your health and wellness to 

maximize your potential for injury prevention and healing. You will experience immense benefits by learning to work more consciously with the mind body complex. These therapeutic and wellness modalities are available for every body. 


What are you waiting for? 


Offer the highest quality of care and professionalism with an emphasis on being honest and adhering to strong moral and ethical principles and values.

Self Worth

Deliver unique and sustainable strategies and methods to transform your wellness, wellbeing and self-worth through high quality professional and affordable services.

Life Purpose

Use my knowledge to motivate, guide life decisions, influence behaviors and set goals to assist each individual to discover their life purpose. Every individual has gifts and talents and they need to be discovered. 


Take a look at what seekers are saying...

Lynn Geddes is a Master Teacher!!! She truly TEACHES yoga, not just lead a class. She explains the mechanisms of the body systems as she demonstrates a pose and breaks down each pose into doable parts to guide your experience at your personal fitness level! I am so thankful to have found her! Regardless of your experience with yoga ( I had NONE!), she inspires each student to strive for their personal best!

Patrice Butterfield

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