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Strings of the Heart: A Soulful Session to Reconnect with Oneself

In recent times, every person is almost always on the run. We are chasing ambitions, dreams, jobs, needs, luxuries, and more. However, in this case, we seldom find time for ourselves - Time to reconnect with our soul, time to rejuvenate our energy levels, and time to restore the balance between mind and body. In essence, we lack the time to heal. So, how does one do it while ensuring they also have fun? How do we establish peace and harmony within ourselves to reach our greatest potential?

Strings of the Heart can help you accomplish this and more. Learn about the exotic musical session wherein the various melodies soothe your soul and promote healing throughout your body.

What is Strings of the Heart?

Strings of the Heart is a curated musical healing experience facilitated by Jimmy Wolling and Lynn Geddes-Wolling. They studied Indian Classical Music and learned to play the sitar and the tabla. At Strings of the Heart, they will create a symphony with these instruments that activate the energy centers in your body, bring a sense of serenity to your mind, and fill up your body with calmness. This is through ragas or melodies they play, and the process is known as Raga Chikitsa or raga therapy.

What are Ragas and Raga Chikitsa?

Ragas are the fundamental musical modes in the Indian Musical System, wherein each mode represents a different mood. Raga Chikitsa, or Raga Therapy, is the process of healing through sound or music. The Therapeutic Aspects and Science Behind Raga Chikitsa research paper by Shambhavi Das in the International Journal of Recent Scientific Research explains this concept immaculately.

According to the paper, every raga comprises a minimum of 5 notes and a maximum of 7 notes, which forms an octave. Each note carries a certain frequency, and the different permutations and combinations of the notes form a melody. Listening to the same set of notes/frequencies is one of the fundamental aspects of Raga Therapy, and it is applied in the modern day for multiple purposes. It positively impacts people who are under a lot of stress or face some mental health issues. The paper also illustrates how the healing works.

Based on the mood or emotion you want to evoke, one can play a specific set of frequencies in the prescribed order. Listening to this repeatedly will evoke emotion in the person. When the raga is repeatedly played on the sitar and tabla, the strings' vibrations are imparted to the human nervous system. These activate the muscles, which contract and relax. Every time there is an impulse, the muscle contracts, and between every impulse, the muscles relax. As a result, the blood is channeled through this contraction and relaxation, thus causing a healing effect on the different parts of the body.

Music is also closely related to the heart. Some research papers show how Beethoven’s musical beats were in sync with his abnormal heartbeat. Thus, the music he produced could be an indication of his heart condition. Studies have shown that soothing music will have a beat similar to a healthy heart. Music can not only alter muscle movements but also our pulse rates, breathing, blood pressure, and more. With the right notes, we can channel the vibrations to induce a healthy heartbeat, breathing, and more.

At Strings of the Heart, we apply this phenomenon by playing the sitar and the tabla. Having traveled to the holy land of Varanasi in India, Jimmy and Lynn began to learn Hindustani Indian Classical Music, which holds scientifically proven healing properties. Their experiences taught them how to tap into the energy centers of the body and ensure they are activated. This would help the mind, body, and soul to work in harmony and enable a person to leverage their capabilities to the fullest potential.

Why Should You Join?

Strings of the Heart is a unique experience for the Western World as it evokes a diverse range of emotions from love, compassion, happiness, melancholy, and more. These emotions together will lead you to catharsis and heal your mind and body. Your mind and body go into a deep state of relaxation as the sounds are played repeatedly, and once you come out of it, your senses are rejuvenated, and you feel enveloped by a sense of serenity.

A few reasons why you should experience the session are as follows:

It’s an experience you wouldn’t have encountered before.

The session can be transformational for some, and you can be one of them.

You can feel your energy levels revitalizing and feel more adept than ever to resume whatever you want to accomplish.

You will feel your stress fade through the session and find it compelling to make it part of your routine.

Above and beyond these, music is a phenomenon that brings people together. It is shown that people who listen to specific music can also learn to empathize more with others and identify how they are feeling. The Strings of Heart experience can bring you closer to yourself but also to the people around you in a way like never before.

How to Participate in Strings of the Heart?

You can head to the official website,, and check out upcoming events and more details about them. Besides this, if you’d like to get in touch with Jimmy and Lynn to inquire more, you can drop a DM at Strings of the Heart Facebook page.

Wrapping Up

Strings of the Heart is a fascinating musical experience that brings harmony between your mind, body, and soul. It envelopes you with a sense of serenity, re-energizes you, and lets you take a break from the usual tiring routine. The experience is transformational and can help you take a moment to reconnect with yourself.


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