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How I Healed Broken Heart Syndrome with Yoga

Sometimes love can be cruel, and it may make you feel like everything is falling apart. The emotional stress of heartbreak can lead to a sudden surge of stress hormones in your body which can mimic a heart attack. Yes, you read that right. All of this emotional turmoil can truly disturb your mental peace and the spirit that dwells in you.

A sudden loss of a loved one, a car accident, or the loss of your job can elicit the release of fight-and-flight hormones in your body like noradrenaline, adrenaline, norepinephrine, and epinephrine. These hormones temporarily disrupt your heart function, including the pattern of your heartbeats and the contractions of your heart.

You can suffer from broken heart syndrome within minutes to hours of experiencing a stressful event. The major signs and symptoms of broken heart syndrome include - shortness of breath, irregular heartbeats, low blood pressure, severe chest pain, and palpitations.

Do you ever go to the doctor because you have pains and discomfort, and they cannot tell you what or why? Well, that has happened to me twice in my life. I was sitting in statistics class in college, and all of a sudden, I got pain in my chest, shortness of breath, and numbness running down my left leg. As the professor is teaching, I am trying to breathe through it all and hold out until the end of class. I stood up and felt very unsteady, shuffling toward him. I leaned on his desk and told him I needed to leave and go to the hospital. The campus police picked me up, and off I went.

I experienced something similar earlier on in my life when I went through an emotionally exhausting divorce. Not only did I lose the love of my life, but I also watched my kids go through a tough heartbreak. That's when yoga showed up in my life and turned things around for the better.

It helped me get my life back on track by motivating me to go back to school and work two to three jobs to provide for my children. Throughout my stressful journey, I realized that yoga was the strongest pillar that held all the pieces of my life together. Sometimes I would experience intense chest pains and shortness of breath due to the stress I was facing on an everyday basis. But, yoga helped me tackle it all and strengthen my mind, body, and soul.

My quest for finding peace through yoga led me to India five times to study its art and science under the master yogis. My knowledge in this land of spirituality has helped connect my mind and soul to each other. When practiced optimally, yoga radiates good health and good vibes.

Back in 2020, I experienced major angina pain while I was sleeping and it left me screaming in my bed. Even though I managed to pull through it by taking long deep breaths, I decided to go to visit a cardiologist to find out what was wrong. I ran the gamut of every test that could be performed to determine What or Why. At the end of it, I was told that I'm healthy as I should be, at my age. However, this entire ordeal left a few unanswered questions in my mind.

After conducting thorough research on what was happening to my body, I reached the diagnosis of something called Broken Heart Syndrome. I went through hundreds of research papers and publications about this syndrome and realized that I was experiencing most of the symptoms related to it. I heaved a sigh of relief when I was told that this is a temporary condition caused by intense stress or trauma, and that it usually resolves in a few weeks.

I believe 2020 was a good testing ground of our strengths and weaknesses. Depression, suicides, mental illnesses, and addictions have gained some recognition in the past few years but conditions like Broken Heart Syndrome are yet to be recognized.

After experiencing a traumatic physical and/or psychological event, the energy centers or the chakras in your body are blocked. Yoga can help restore the balance of these chakras and nadi in your body. All nadis are said to originate from one or two centers the heart and the pelvic area

As one of my Teachers states, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” Meaning, you don’t know what knowledge you are missing and need to heal yourself. Yoga and other natural sciences offer an excellent opportunity for us to remodel any stressful psychological inputs into a positive output.

Therefore, taking refuge in the art of yoga after any unfortunate psychological event in your life is a decision that you surely won't regret.

All thanks to the knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda (Science of life) that I've acquired over the past few years have helped me overcome the stressors in my life and lead a healthier life. Since adopting yoga, I have become more hopeful and positive about my road ahead in life.

The top five practices which I swear by to control your mind, body, and soul and truly upgrade your health are:

  1. Mental (Mind) - Meditation, Concentration practices, Focus finding

  2. Physical (Body) - Asana practice, Movement education, Physical Therapy, Exercise

  3. Pranayama (Breath regulation) - Profound Stress Reduction, Nervous System relief, Anxiety relief, Total Relaxation

  4. Spiritual Studies- Practices and Prayer

  5. Nature- is the best medicine and it is filled with Prana, Get in it!

So, if you want to experience natural medicine reinforced with the science of yoga and Ayurveda (Science of life) let me help you get started now.

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Since the year 1988, Lynn has been an ardent worshiper of fitness and wellness and a staunch supporter of the magic of natural sciences. She acquired her Ayurveda Practitioner diploma from Kerala, India in 2018 and has since authored a book named “Yoga for Small Spaces/Chair Yoga Instructor Guide” and co-authored “Yoga for Small Spaces/Chair Yoga Cards.

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